Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Compressed Soil Bricks

Compressed Soil Bricks at Saram Block Machines, Negombo
Its been over four months since I last posted. Not for the want of material, plenty of that. Just having the time and motivation both at the same occasion.

Could not postpone this, as Compressed Earth is pet project of mine. During the Tsunami managed send down two of machines  to make the block. One is lost somewhere in the customs and the other is under utilized in a Christian agency.

So whats the excitement, First I saw a place that actually sells machines to make Compressed Soil Blocks and with a little digging around found a place that sells the manufactured blocks/bricks.

Compressed Soil Brick Machine
A little background on why Compressed Soil Bricks are green, they dont use sand. So much sand is being dug up from river beds its not funny. When did you ever hear of 30-40 foot deep rivers in Sri Lanka. That is whats happening, the rivers are 30-40 feet deep, lower than sea level and becoming salty.

Compressed Soil Bricks are sold by Eco Ceylon
website: http://www.ecoceylon.com/index.php

Compressed Soil Brick Machines are sold by Saram Block Machine, Negombo
Phone: 031-2220557 Cell: 0777 386390
More info on Saram Soil Brick Machines here including prices.

More info on using Earth as Building material here including CEB


  1. Very interesting. I have almost completed my new house but perhaps I can consider Compressed Soil Brick for a few enhancements I have planned for future.

    How much is one brick? The size? Also what are the advantages over normal bricks?

  2. If i'm not mistaken, aren't standard bricks also made from a form of compressed soil, clay??

  3. I'm going to use this for my new house. I've already contact Eco Ceylon. The price is bit higher.