Friday, March 2, 2012

NY Times: Fidelity Ad: Investment Opportunities in Water

Back to Water as valuable resource of Sri Lanka.

Todays NY Times had a advertisement from Fidelity Investments about investment opportunities in Water. Fidelity Investments is is one of the largest US mutual fund companies with nearly $3.3 trillion in assets under administration and $1.5 trillion of assets under management.

Anyway here is the wording in the ad.

It takes 35 gallons of water to make one cup of coffee. Why? Because of all the water used to cultivate coffee beans. Similarly, it can take about 635 gallons to make one hamburger because of all the water required to grow feed for the cows.
The need for clean fresh water is increasing rapidly, too, as populations rise and standards of living improve around the world. In some places -- such as central California, the North China Plains, and parts of India -- the demand for water is already outstripping the local supply.

Because global water consumption is expected to increase by 40% over the next 20 years, water shortages may get more acute and widespread, spurring more reliance on desalination technologies, water reuse, and conservation. The results could have massive economic, ecological, and geopolitical consequences, creating investing opportunities in places you may never have considered.
This advertisement should be read in context of the following posts.

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