Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Temple for Aged and Destitute Monks

A couple of weeks back went for dear friends Dana which was given to the Sri Bodhirukaramaya RajaMaha Vihara in Wellewa, situated 3km inland from the 18th-km post on the Kurunegala-Polgahawela Road. Not too much of the "Rajamaha" left in the temple except for the paintings dating from the late 18th century. Its a temple for aged and destitute monks and about 30 samaneras who are orphaned or from destitute families.

Excerpt from an article in the Nation
  • As he reminisces, one day, while he was walking in Kurunegala town, he was shocked to notice an old monk abandoned on a pavement. Since no one had taken care of him even on the second day, Ven. Amilasiri Thera had eventually decided to bring him to his temple, where he would take care of the destitute monk, together with his student samanera monks. This place which started with Ven. Amilasiri Thera’s personal endeavour, now shelters more than 80 monks. Presently, eight ailing monks are receiving treatment and care, while two other monks are being housed at another two temples, because of insufficient room, as mentioned by Ven. Chandivimala Thera, a student of Ven. Amilasiri Thera.
The hospital donated recently (after the December 2009 article in the Nation)
Paintings from the late 18th Century. The hand was fixed recently with plaster of Paris.

All the faces have the same look. Apparently its temple tradition to for the painter have his likeness painted all/some of the faces. Not quite anonymous, just no signature.


  1. wow....I'd like to help this place out...is there some contact details?

  2. Dee the contact info is
    Anyone interested in finding more information or making donations may contact Ven. Amilasiri Thera on 0779 853 518 or 0716 269 713.