Thursday, February 23, 2012

Robert Halfon: LTTE flags on his blog, Wined and Dined by the British Tamil Conservative Party

Robert Halfon you know the guy who has been asking for the Sri Lankan govt to "Stop persecuting Tamils and acting like a rogue nation". Guess what

a) He has on his blog groups of people with LTTE flags (Lets see how fast he will remove them).
b) Has been wined and dined by the British Tamil Conservatives (Thanks Arujuna Sivanathan to directing me to this site). The same photo on his blog is accompanied with photos of crowds with LTTE flags.

Way to go Halfon

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  1. Good heads up on this guy's mindset, but technically he's only posted a pic of a demo in which Tiger flags are being displayed. He hasn't displayed the flag on his blog per se.