Friday, February 1, 2013

Saudi Sergeant Rapes boy, 13 in Las Vegas

What bets this guy gets extradited to Saudi Arabia and given a slap on the wrist.
Also this has not been reported on the major news channels such as NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times or even the New York Post.
See also the Khamis Mushayt Girl who killed the person who was raping her being sentenced to be executed. She was later pardoned and given SR 500,000 as compensation.
Not quite the same justice for Rizana Nafeek.
The defense lawyer said that if sex took place, it was consensual.
Prosecutors say that even if the boy wanted to have sex, Nevada state law says a child under age 16 cannot give consent.
Alotaibi told police he was drinking Hennessy all night and was drunk when he met the boy. He first denied allegations, but later admitted to raping the teen after he refused to have sex with him for money.
The report stated that the 23-year-old Saudi national told investigators that he had the boy perform oral sex on him 'for just a couple of seconds,' and then 'accidentally' raped him.

Saudi Arabia operates under Sharia, or Islamic law, and punishes homosexuality, or sodomy, with sentences of corporal and capital punishment.
Saudi law also bans the consumption of alcohol. Those found guilty of drinking liquor could face anything from several weeks to several months in jail. 

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