Monday, August 26, 2013

PC/Laptop HDMI to LCD TV

Recently had to attach an old laptop thru a HDMI port to a large LCD TV.  Had issues with bad sound and also erratic movie picture (Netflix) and sound.  Searched the Internet and there was no comprehensive location to trouble shoot the problem. So a post with what I had to do to get the Laptop HDMI output to work properly on a LCD TV.

Graphics Card
First and Foremost is to check if your Graphics card software has been installed.
 Do a Right-Mouse click on the Desktop.  A menu will come and and the top most choice should be the place to activate your Graphics card.  Something like AMD Vision Center or ATI Radeon Graphics.  If you see the software control, go to the next, i.e. Connect HDMI cable to LCD TV.

On a Laptop that had the drive formatted or system re-installed its likely the graphics card software has been erased.  
You will need to find out your graphics card details.  If you dont have your computer specs try searching for you computer model.  You might also be able to get your Graphics card details from the  Display Adapters sub menu in Device Manager (Right Mouse Click-My Computer-->Properties-->Device Manager).  Download the appropriate software from the manufacturer website and install.  Check if installed by a Right-Mouse click on the Desktop.

Connect HDMI cable to LCD TV
Connect the HDMI cable to LCD TV and note the TV HDMI input port (e.g. HDMI 1or HDMI 2).   Turn on  TV and select appropriate HDMI input.

Setting Up Graphics Card
Start the graphics card software (Do a Right-Mouse click on the Desktop). 

You will see something like Displays Manager.  Select Displays Properties.  You should see you LCD TV as a Display selection. Select your LCD TV.
  •  Change the Resolution as needed (it should be automatically selected)
  • Change Color Quality (it should be automatically selected).
  • Refresh rate: Set to 24 hz (very important)
Now select DTI (HDMI) HDTV support
  •  Select the appropriate format your LCD TV supports (e.g. 1080p60 (NTSC))
Press Apply and OK. You should be seeing you laptop on the LCD TV by now.

Setting Up Sound
 On your Volume Control (Bottom right of computer) right mouse click. In the menu select Playback devices. Select or similar option.

Digital Output Device (HDMI)
You will now have the sound from the LCD TV