Sunday, January 26, 2014

Penis Length and GDP Growth

This was a research done by Tatu Westling of University of Helsinki in 2011.

To quote

This study has made three contributions.
First, it reveals the somewhat perplexing link between the size of male organ and economic growth.
Second, it provides some rudimentary interpretations which state that macroeconomic growth might be related to populations' risk-taking and/or self-esteem.
Third, for the best of author's knowledge the interplay between sex and macroeconomic outcomes is novel, and has not been discussed in the literature before.
Obviously the proposed `male organ hypothesis' should be tested with more elaborate methods and data. Until then it remains an intriguing statistical artefact.

Sri Lanka, like India and the Philippines had low growth and short penises. Yikes.

Some Interesting Comments
Glad someone took the time to look at the hard data.

Perhaps the engine of economic development is less about bore or stroke and more about total displacement.

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