Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trip to Palugasturai (in Wilpattu) Wadiya Church

Approaching Palugasthurai
Palugasthurai (Palugahaturai) is a fishing outpost (wadiya) on the coast within Wilpattu National Park, a few km south of Kudiramalai and Pookulam.   Kudiramalai is considered to be where Vijaya landed.  Pookulam is another fishing outpost (wadiya) on the coast within Wilpattu National Park.

Interestingly all these fishing wadiyas are referred to as "Dupath" (Islands).  Apparently till the Navy camps were built at these locations, there was no access to the Wadiyas by road, only by boat.   Even now most transport of provisions, fuel and fish catch is by boat.

Left at 9:00 am for the Palugasthurai Church Festival at 9:00 am from Wilpattu House in a Mahindra three wheeler.   Just a few km from Pallekande church, got startled by a lone elephant who was in the scrub jungle right by the road.  I am not sure who was more startled, us or the elephant.  Just accelerated as fast as possible regardless of the pot holes and ruts.

The Church
At Periya Villu saw a herd of about 12 elephants.  Camera phone was not good enough to get a photo.

The turn off to Palugasthurai is a very sandy road and we had to push the three wheeler a couple of times because it sunk in the sand.  Arrived at the wadiya around 10:30 am.   Beautiful location, miles of lonely sandy beaches. Too bad access is bad.

Returned at around 1:00 pm. Uneventful except for seeing that the Elephant herd had moved towards th North of Periya Villu.

Facing North.  The headland in the North is Kudiramalai

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