Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hypocritical Self-righteousness Power of Samantha

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

"Now is not the time for the U.S. to deprioritize the issues which could help heal a war-torn nation. Transitional justice, including accountability" writes Taylor Dibbert

For a start Samantha Power could help heal war torn Libya. The invasion of Libya was promoted by Samantha Power because of what she saw as "the failure of the United States to prevent massacre and genocide, time and time again" in her Pulitzer Prize-winning book.

Now that Libya is a failed state, because of a War of her own promotion, where Hillary Clinton said we "We came, we saw, he died" and then laughed. Now that the US does not even have an embassy Libya,  it seems Samantha Power is no longer interested in helping heal war torn Libya.  Absolutely no responsibility for consequences of her actions.

"The bitter truth is this: as a country Sri Lanka has never properly functioned for its numerical minorities".writes Taylor Dibbert

So, have the numerical minorities fared better in the US.

Sri Lanka has just 92 prisoners per 100,000. The US has 698 prisoners per 100,000 of which close to 50% are black AfricanAmericans. The US black AfricanAmerican population and the Sri Lankan Tamil population percentages are approximately of the same order, around 15%.  So even if every single person in Sri Lankas prisons was a Tamil (Tamils are under represented in the prison population), it still would not equal the brutal inequality that the US metes out to its black African American minorities.

Lets do a mental exercise. Consider Internal Displaced Persons (IDP's) as per 100,000 population of Sri Lanka. (note:  IDP's are not prisoners, they are free to leave. Unhappily their homes are in places with mines, homes that have been destroyed or in High security zones).  There are at maximum 73,700 IDP's (as of July 2015) in Sri Lanka according to the  Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).  IDP's then are 369 per 100,000 of Sri Lankas population.   Even so less than half the prison population of the US. 

There is a total 5,281,872 IDP's in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, respectively 4,000,000,  847,872 and 434,000.   The total population in 3 countries is 70,886,000.  (Populations for Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, respectively 32,105,000  32,358,000 and 6,423,000).

Thats a staggering 7,451 IDP's per 100, 000 population  for whom the US is responsible in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  What is the US doing about it. 

Every week we hear of a black person being shot by the police. There are more black men in the U.S. prisons than the total prison population in India, Argentina, Canada, Lebanon, Japan, Germany, Finland, Israel and England combined.  
I don't think the US treatment of minorities is one that Sri Lanka should emulate.  If any the US should learn from Sri Lanka.

We can forgive not too smart Bush of continuing to ignore the consequences of his policies and action of his "War on Terror".

However, the self-righteousness and hypocrisy of the "anti war" Nobel prize winning Obama and Pulitzer Prize winning Samantha Power is simply astounding. Both two intelligent people in ther self rightesoness simply ignore their culpability in the misery and wretchedness they have wrought on millions in Libya and Iraq among other places. Not only do they disown their culpability but continue to pursue policies of interference, which will lead to more destabilization and misery.

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