Monday, May 11, 2015

False: Wilpattu National Park Deforestation in Marichchikatti/Marichchukkaddi

There is a lot of stuff being yelled about Wilpattu most of it false. Added somehow facts and clear references are always missing.
Update: Daily Mirror says that Maitripala Sirisena orders immediate halt of Deforestation in Wilpattu National Park.

Hmm, there is no deforestation in Wilpattu National Park.   If MS had said halted deforestation in Wilpattu Park Buffer Zone, 
That would have been great but political suicide.  

So point form.
a) Marichchikatti/Marichchukkaddi settlement.
There is a satellite map floating around. But no link to a google maps location.
Here is a link to Marichchikatti/Marichchukkaddi on Google maps. 
There is no evidence of settlements within the Park borders (south of Modaragam Aru)

b) There are two existing settlements (Sinhalese/Tamil and have electoral lists) within the Park. Palugasthurai and Pookulam.  Here is a link to Palugasthurai.
You can see the coast road that was to be created by Gotabhaya Rajapakse

c) False: There was a big article on many acres being grabbed by the Navy:
False: Illegal Land Grabs By Sri Lanka Navy Destroys Wilpattu National Park

Other info links.
Trip to Palugasturai (in Wilpattu) Wadiya Church

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