Thursday, January 20, 2011

Babalu Aye: Deity and Dance : Cuba and Puerto Rico

Babalu Aye and dances for the other Orishas are the bases for Salsa, Mambo dances. Babalu Aye is also syncretized with Saint Lazarus

Paul Simon makes reference to Babalu Aye in his song "Rhythm of the Saints", which first appeared on the 1990 album of the same name. The lyrics enigmatically state: "Balalu-aye spins on his crutches/ Says leave if you want/ If you want to leave." Simon also used Saint Lazarus/Babalu Aye as a character in his Broadway show, "The Capeman"

Included a street (I think version) and a stage, Lionel Wendt version. For those who are thinking that the kids in the street version are being exploited (maybe they are, we working class are exploited all our lives) think of ballerinas. Ballerinas look more well off, they wear fancy clothes so look less exploited. Try wearing ballerina dresses in hot humid Cuba, that would be exploitation.

The Lionel Wendt version

This looks so much like a Gamini Fonseka filim in the 70's I had to linky it. This one is probably late 40's.

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