Friday, January 14, 2011

Latcho Drom - Banjaras Indian Rajasthan Gypsy Dance


  1. The Clip from Vagabunden Karawane 1979 (raw music at it best, my all time favorite) Bauls Video.
    One of the oldest I think

    The young guy playing the small drum is now a well known musician/activist Paban Das Baul

    Vagabunden Karawane". One of many great performances included in the documentation of the band's journey from Germany to India via bus caravan. Embryo's Christian Burchard narrates the following: "The Baul musicians live outside the caste system which governs Indian culture. Like the Saddus, the Bauls reject possessions on religious grounds. They travel throughout India on foot carrying only their musical instrument. The Bauls create their songs spontaneously in front of their audience. They want to transport their public into another world."