Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bloom Box: Electricity from a Box for a House

A good friend of mine (Chanaka Atukorale) sent me this YouTube Link
Bloom Box K.R. Sridhar-Part 1

Some skeptics, mainly on cost effectiveness.

What is Bloom Box?
  • Bloom Energy’s Bloombox Fuel Cell is simply a revolution. Think about a box that consists of a stack of ceramic disks coated with green and black "inks". These ceramic disks are separated by cheap metal plates. Oxygen and methane is fed in, the whole thing is heated up to 1,000 Celsius, and electricity comes out. Bloom estimates that a box filled with 64 ceramic disks can produce enough juice.
  • We can't say that the Bloom Box is cheap. The box is far too expensive. However, some major companies like FedEx, Google and eBay have already started using the boxes. It has said that eBay has were installed 5 boxes 9 months ago and has already saved $100.000 in electricity costs. According to some sources, eBay even claims that the boxes generate more power than the 3,000 solar panels at its headquarters. Another company Google, which is big search engine, has been using 4 Bloom Boxes for the last 18 month. They were Bloom Energy’s first customer.

Payback from saving is 3 to 5 years on 100kw plant. Not bad depending on lifetime

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