Monday, March 4, 2013

Facebook: Paid Content replacing Likes

I guess this is no different from Google where search will bring up paid content first. Also probably Facebook must be under pressure to ramp up revenue give that FB share price has fallen.
I’ve stayed on Facebook after its repeated privacy violations partly because I foolishly believed there was some sort of democratic approach to sharing freely with others. The company persuaded us to share under that premise and is now turning it inside out by requiring us to pay for people to see what we post.
“Certainly Facebook has changed its policies and adjusted its products in order to squeeze as much revenue out of all of the openings of the business model in a way that they didn’t have to do before they went public,”
the value of the product disappears as the stream of information in your social network, one that used to be rapid and friction-free, is no longer there and now consumed by advertising.
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I manage pages for two nonprofits. One has over 3300 subscribers, the other (a church) just a few dozen. In the past couple of months, engagement on the pages has nosedived and it appears only 15-20% of subscribers ever see the posts.

My biggest "issue" with Facebook is that that the pages which I "like" rarely show up in my newsfeed. I have double checked that the pages are set to "Show in Newsfeed" but they still never show up there.

build a loyal following of “Likes”, you can no longer access the majority of that group without paying, again. As far as I am concerned every person who has liked my page should see my posts. They should not be moved up and down based on an algorithm or via a payment plan. If they (my likers) do not like what I am posting then they should unlike me and my information will go away. Beyond that, if FB wants to charge me to reach people that have not liked my page, I am fine with that.
Bottom line: FB Likes are now meaningless fluff.


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