Friday, March 15, 2013

Germans Having Sex to Save to Save the Forest

I think I want to join this group and do my share to save the Rain Forest.  Just not sure my being in the features will increase demand.
Have sex. Save the world.
That’s the tagline for the new documentary Fuck for Forest, which made its U.S. premiere at SXSW, but also the alleged way of life for followers of the titular eco-porn organization. Directed by Polish filmmaker Michal Marczak, the film chronicles the Berlin-based organization Fuck for Forest—a raggedy group of hippies dressed like the Lost Boys who film and then sell homemade pornography of themselves and others in an effort to help save the rainforests.

When they’re not filming themselves engaged in sex acts, often in public, FFF approaches people at random on the street in semicreepy fashion. “You’re cute…” a member will coo, before passing a bright young thing the group’s flyer. According to FFF, one in 10 people approached at random will take part in filming pornographic material for them. And, while those who donate photos and videos are allowed to join the NGO free of charge, others who wish to view the X-rated content must make a donation, which the organization then says it uses to fund “ecological projects.” The group has €420,000 in its bank account to fund said efforts, according to the narrator.
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