Sunday, March 17, 2013

Music: Papare Video Angola (or Brasil ?)

This is a video for MS Fernando's Kekiri (kakiri) Pelena Hinawa.  The music just jives with the dance.  The dance moves look so Sri Lankan, specially when they clasp hands together and lay it against their faces. The other move is when they raise both hand upwardon the left and appear to drag down the hands to the right.
The videos are from Angola (or is it originally from Brasil/Brazil).  Angola (and Brazil) and the largest ex colonies of Portugal. Our Kafiringha music came via Angola. Did some of our popular dance moves too originate from Angola ?
Video of  KUDURO ZOUK to the Papare music of M.S. Fernando

And the original video (?)

Another video of  KUDURO ZOUK no HUAMBO Angola (Group dances KANDIMBA)

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