Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cooking While Brown: FBI investigates Saudi Student

I guess a warning to to Sri Lankan students out in the US, dont cook with pressure cookers.

A Saudi student living in Michigan was questioned in his home by FBI agents after neighbours saw him carrying a pressure cooker and called the police.
Talal al Rouki had been cooking a traditional Saudi Arabian rice dish called kabsah* and was carrying it to a friend's house.

The Saudi journal, Oukaz reported on the story of the Saudi student who had FBI agents come to his home, following a tip-off from neighbours that he was seen moving about with a pressure cooker bomb.
While armed agents surrounded his apartment block, other agents, asked a 'nervous' Mr al Rouki if they could come in to question him.

The young student showed them his pressure cooker and explained to them he used to make a rice dish.
An FBI agent said: 'You need to be more careful moving around with such things, Sir'

kabsah*: Is known as machibus in Sri Lanka and is popular dish among returning gulf country workers.

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