Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Four days of rioting in Stockholm, Sweden

Apparently sparked by the killing by police a 69 year old armed man.  Sunday night's disturbances according Rami Al-Khamisi a youth organizer said in a statement started as a "reaction to police brutality against citizens, our neighbors"

From one of the comments learned of project REVA where Stockholm police stop people who dont look ethnically Swede (i.e. don't have blond hair) in public transport, and take them for interrogation if they don't have their papers/ID.

Anyway Excerpts from  Financial Times on Riots
Rioting in Stockholm spread to as many as a dozen suburbs in a third consecutive night of unrest that has reopened the debate about how well integrated immigrants are in Sweden.

Cars were set on fire all over the Swedish capital on Tuesday night and early on Wednesday, while in several suburbs police and other emergency services were pelted with stones, Swedish television reported.

“It is very similar to what we have seen in London or Paris but not yet on that scale. But it is a sign of a similar problem; it is a sign of failing integration,” said Per Adman, associate professor at Uppsala University, before the latest unrest.

Experts say that while the Nordic country successfully integrated its immigrants in the 1960s and 1970s it has struggled to do so in the past decade, with many blaming a lack of jobs for low-skilled workers. Youth unemployment was 25.1 per cent in March, above the EU average, even as the overall rate was 8.4 per cent and below the average.
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