Saturday, May 11, 2013

DBS Jeyaraj: Being Selective with Links, Credits and Titles

DBS Jeyaraj is a great journalist with a lot of insight, connections and knowledge of history. A fantastic combination. In very recent past, with the advent of online journalism he used to edit transCurrents,com and continues maintain and write to
I have just one gripe he does not credit online sources with a link even though he reproduces the article verbatim.  So if you want to see the original source, links comments and all, you better be a good google searcher and also have some time on your hands.  I assumed that this might be because DBSJ did not know how to make links, i.e. give him the benefit of the doubt.

Then I saw that article about a Tamil in Australia Tortured and Raped. That had the proper link to the Australian source at the bottom of the page.

Not having a proper link to the original source may appear trivial. However often there is a lot of ancillary information in the form of links, comments and authors background that gives a larger perspective.

Say for example this article at titled
    Canada May be Alone Among Commonwealth Leaders in Adopting a Decision to Boycott CHOGM Summit in Sri Lanka"

However the orginal article by Natalie Brender is titled
    Stephen Harper government ‘pandering to diasporas’? Not so fast, pundits: Brender
    Obviously the original title is is quite different from the title given by DBSJ to the same article he reproduces verbatim.

Natalie Brenders article is a reply to  Huffpost Article written by Althia Raj
Stephen Harper To Skip Commonwealth Meeting In Sri Lanka, Citing Human Rights Abuses
The article basically implies that political needs have made PM Harper decide to boycott  Commonwealth Meeting. To quote
David Carment, a professor of international affairs and a fellow at the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, said Harper’s decision to boycott the event is an effort to get the Tamil community — which has historically voted Liberal — on side.
I don’t think it has much to do with a principled foreign policy that the government claims to be advancing here,” Carment said. “This is pretty much pandering to a domestic audience.”

Then there is the Comment from disillusioned 2010
Back in Opposition in 2005, Minister Jason Kenney stood in Beijing and called China a “totalitarian one-party state, he criticized Paul Martin for soft-pedaling human rights abuses in favour of trade. Stephen Harper promised he would not “sell-out to the almighty dollar” by allowing human rights cases to be overshadowed by the prospect of improved trade... Who believes these jokers anymore...Commonwealth values, does this government even know what that means.... Once they find something to trade with Sri Lanka it will all go out the window.
So I think DBSJ is being disingenuous at best when he changes title and does not link to article he reproduces.

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