Friday, May 24, 2013

Rock The Past: Brian Knower and Christo Dhason

Its another Friday, Vesak in Sri Lanka, Memorial Day weekend in the US.

A few days back saw a post by/about Nirmalan Dhas and thought it was the same Dhas I knew many years ago.  My classmate Shantha Weerakoon set me straight.  It was Christo Dhasan.  It brought back memories of Kokos and the Colombo Rock scene in the late 70's.  The times that Aruna Batuwantudawe (passed away), Richard Simon and I were regulars at Kokos.  Maybe semi regulars,  I had to raise money by giving tuition for entry fees and other ancillary (hmm..) expenses.  I think Richard and Batu had similar issues. A couple of times we met another classmate G. H. T. de Silva who also played with a band and was featured at Kokos.  GHT was the youngest of the GH* de Silva brothers (GHT where the hell are you ?)

Back to Kokos.  Kokos was owned by Darup Peiris a Thomian, Brian Knower and Christo Dhason were also Thomians and  I think classmates of Darup.  So, think Kokos was let out at minimal cost for these occasions. 

Brian Knower's site:  and music
Please Check out 60's Top of the Pops  as well  some where they seem to have forgotten Kumar Navartnam who did the Havelock Park concerts before we were old enough to attend.

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  1. Shanthadeva WeerakoonMay 30, 2013 at 1:42 PM

    Barr, thanks for giving me credit on Chris Dhason. Knower was definitely senior to Darup & Chris was one junior(chris was one year senior to us).

    Kumar Navaratnam,is also an old Thomian (someone correct me if am wrong) & is known as the FATHER of HARD ROCK in SL. Cannot remember as the number of rock concerts he did at Havelock Park but,I definitely went for one if not two - maybe in '75 or '76.the other old Thomians who were famous Rock Musicians in Sl were, SURIYAKUMAR WEERASINHAM the organist, originally with Kumar N & GARVEYARD & played for a long time with many bands & ROMESH WICKRAMARATNE or WEERARATNE who was a Folk/folk Rock singer. This guy was still in college when we were in the middle school. he had very long hair (after A'Ls) & was a brilliant student too! he migrated to Germany & i believe, still in to music. Shantha Weera.