Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jazzfied Carnatic Music: from Shankar Tucker

I think I got introduced to this from Brown Pundits, maybe a Nandalal Rasiah post.

So whats with Carnatic Music. I remember my Uncle (Periappa) listening to this kind of music, while my cousin Robin was listening to Deep Purples Fireball (my Intro to rock, and still a great favorite). I too am starting to get what my Uncle Periappa heard. Deep music, just like the Blues of America. Then to sing the Blues you have to hurt and we dont have that in Sri Lanka.

So in Sri Lanka we will have the rhythm, beat and happiness (think papare), but never the depth and sadness of song as in the Blues. So what I am trying to say is maybe its really hard to be to be really sad, down and out and sing the blues in Sri Lanka.

Anyways here is the Jazzfied Carnatic Music from Shankar Tucker

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  1. It isn't lack of sadness, just lack of talent.