Monday, March 12, 2012

Wild Boar in NY State: Open Season

Wild boar in New York. Hopefully some enterprising Sri Lankan will start supplying the NY Metro and New Jersey Sri Lankan population with Wild Boar.
Anyway here are excerpts from the article.
First the most important statement:
In New York, the state’s ordinarily strict hunting rules have b..een relaxed for feral swine. The Department of Environmental Conservation’s Web site advises those with small game licenses to “shoot and keep feral swine at any time and in any number.”

PERU, N.Y. — They roam by night, picking cornstalks clean, making off with apple crops. They have almost no natural predators, but they have razor-sharp tusks and a seemingly bottomless appetite for plants and animals. Their population can triple in one year.
They are feral pigs, and while they have long plagued parts of the S
outhern and Western United States, now they have become a problem in the peaceful Champlain Valley of New York, an agricultural heartland on the edge of the Adirondacks.
They carry disease and can be aggressive toward people. They have even inspired a new television series, “Hogs Gone Wild,” about efforts to hunt them from Hawaii to Alabama. Perhaps most worrisome is their reputation as eating machines: the pigs devour ground-nesting birds and reptiles, fawns and domestic livestock, native vegetation and crops. Feral pigs have already proliferated in parts of western New York.
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