Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pariah Dog and Sinhala Hound

This post is mainly a extraction from Wikis for Sinhala Hound and Pariah Dogs and Indian pariah dog

I dont know why its Sinhala Hound and not Sri Lankan Hound.

The Indian pariah dog is a purebred dog category of pariah dog. The Indian Native Dog (INDog) is an ancient autochthonous (landrace) type of dog that is found all over South Asia. The Indian Native Dog and is nowadays referred to as the INDog by experts and enthusiasts. The term "Pariah Dog" is not derogatory in the canine context and refers to a class of primitive dogs of a specific appearance known as the "long-term pariah morph." The United Kennel Club (United States) recognizes purebred dogs bred for chasing large game in the Sighthound & Pariah Group. Included in this group are breeds that are either of early origin or modern reconstructions of early breeds or types.

Where not mixed with the blood of European dogs or other breeds and types, it is remarkably uniform in appearance all across the entire country...The type represents one of the few remaining examples of mankind's original domestic dog and its physical features are the same as those of the dogs whose fossil remains have been found in various parts of the world, from very early remains in Israel and China to later ones such as those found in the volcanic lava at Pompeii, near Naples in Italy. In India these were the hunting partners and companion animals of the aboriginal peoples of India...they are still found with the aboriginal communities who live in forested areas. Since these dogs have never been selectively bred, their appearance, physical features and mental characteristics are created by the process of natural selection alone.

INDogs are extremely alert and social. They make excellent watch dogs due to their territorial instincts. Their ruralevolution, close to forests where predators were common has made them extremely cautious and this caution is not to be mistaken for lack of courage. They bark at the slightest doubt or provocation and hence can be very noisy.

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  1. Sri Lankan name is given after freedom from British colonial era, before there is no such name called sri Lanka, before catches by British, Sri Lankan was called as Sinhala deepa, i think now u can understand why it Sinhala hound, people are such a stupids, cant think well.

  2. says you who can't spell at all!